Snow blower (snow blower) rotary

47 300 руб.

At last! All owners of Uralets miniaturizers received a long-awaited gift – the ability to clean snow away from the road with the help of their tractor and our novelty – a rotor snowplow.

This gun is lightweight, which makes it possible to use it even with our smallest tractor, the Urals 160. At the same time, there are no inconveniences, like the 180 degree rotation of the case, no aches in the neck and the lowest possible speed during work, because going with cleaning it will be necessary to go forward.


Snowplow Specifications
Model Н14 Н23
Snowplow type rotary rear
Direction of movement during snow removal forward
Width of strip, mm 1400 2000
Rotor drive straight, cardan shaft from tractor PTO shaft
PTO rotation speed, rpm  540
Maximum height of retracted lightly compacted snow, mm 250 300
Range of emission of the main mass of snow (regulated by a visor), m 5 … 12 8 … 20
Direction of snow ejection left / right (fixed)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm 1412х1082х1303 1160х2010х1390
Weight, kg 108 165
Service life, years, not less than 5