Potato harvester KK-540

70 200 руб.

Production: Chelyabinsk, Russia Installed in the Urals, JINMA, etc.

The potato digger is a single-row mounted model KK-540 (hereinafter referred to as  KK-540 ) designed to dig out potatoes from pre-formed and prepared tractors with a traction class of up to 0.6.Excavation is made from one left in the course of the tractor row (ridge), the grip of the ridge width is 540 mm. Depth of excavation is regulated by support wheels KK-540 and the central traction of the tractor. The recommended working speeds of the tractor are listed below and provide the conveyor from the ground and potatoes.


Productivity for 1 hour of normal time, ha / h 0.3
Maximum linear speed of the conveyor, km / h 6.6
Recommended transmission of the gearshift of the tractor Uralets 180/220 2 lowered
Recommended transmission of the JM-244 tractor 3 lowered
Recommended transmission of the MTZ-320 tractor 3 lowered
Depth of excavation, mm up to 250
Width of the excavated row, mm 540
Mass of transporting tools in assembly, kg 220
Type of connection to the tractor three-point
The drive of the conveyor from PTO with rpm 540
Slots at the input end of the reducer 6th
Finger diameters for hinge, mm 22/24
Diameter of the hole for the central traction of the tractor, mm 20/22
Overall dimensions, assembled. mm
length 1560
width 950
height 850
Minimum required tractor power, hp 18
Service life of conveyor elements (links, axles, bushes, cotter pins, washers) 200 Hours
Average lifetime of the whole product, excluding conveyor elements, years 3