10 800 руб.

The plow is a mounted implement for primary plowing of sandy loamy and loamy soils before the use of rotomotor. Considerable importance for the future harvest is the autumn soil cultivation. It is at this time of the year that experienced farmers conduct deep plowing in order that water and air penetrate into the loose soil layer, and the soil warms up. Also, the housing plow after harvesting is better to mulch, which will reduce the evaporation of moisture from the surface layer of soil, and the soil itself will saturate the necessary trace elements.

Depending on the power of the tractor, 2, 3, 4-plow plows with different working widths are used. On any of the plows, a disc harrow can be installed . The angle of attack of the plow is adjustable.


Depending on the power of the tractor and the severity of the soil used:

  • double-hulled plow (2-plow)
  • three-hull plow (3-plow)
  • four-hull plow (4-plow)
2-CHASSIS 1L-220 3-CHASSIS 1L-320 4-CHASSIS 1L-420
Connection type rear 3-point hitch rear 3-point hitch rear 3-point hitch
Depth of plowing (cm) 20-25 20-25 20-25
Type of plow blade stained stained stained
Working width of the share (cm) 20 20 20
Width of plowing (cm) 40 60 80
Structural weight (kg) 45 80 130
Recommended tractor power (hp) 12-18 18-25 25-40
Dimensions (mm) 1240х960х700 1800х1040х820 2400х1040х940
Working efficiency ha / h 0.13-0.2 0.2-0.3 0.26-0.4