Communal sweeping brush

63 500 руб.

Disk sweeping brush – a tool for public services, sweeping park areas, internal areas of institutions, schools, yards, etc. Installed on any of our tractors.


Advantages and differences from the analogues of the hinged communal sweeping brush model H03 produced by OOO “Tractor”


  1. Used on the brush discs from first-class polypropylene are manufactured in St. Petersburg, certified, have a patent and meet all the requirements of regulatory documents for brushing equipment.
  2. The big plus of disks with a polypropylene core is that the nap practically does not drop out of the brush as it often happens in disks with a metal crimping ring. Such reliability is achieved due to the fact that the comb of the pile disk is firmly embedded in the plastic ring under high pressure.
  3. To complete the brush, unprotected disks like “Bee-line” are used. When you type these discs on the shaft, the surface of the brush forms a honeycomb structure of rhomboid or rectangular shape, and in appearance resembles bees’ honeycombs. This structure of the brush surface more effectively “picks up” estimates from the surface of the road, the quality of sweeping increases by 1.5-1.7 times, compared with traditional disks.
  4. The absence of spacers between the discs further reduces the cost of the gun.
  5. Due to the absence of a reduction gear and the transmission of rotation by cardan shafts and chain transmission, there is no chance of failure and jamming of this expensive element.
  6. The closed design of the brush makes its use safe (the presence of side and back protection).
  7. The low weight of the brush due to the above factors (transmission of rotation without gear, the absence of spacer rings), which allows it to be used with tractors from 16 hp.
  8. Support wheels of the brush are provided by the leading supplier of industrial wheels on the Russian market – TENTE.
  9. The brush in the unit with the tractor Uralets 180 showed itself perfectly during the cleaning of the federal routes of the Chelyabinsk region, the length of the treated sections is 250 km.
Working width (m) 1.4
Number of brushes (pcs.) thirty
PTO speed of tractor (rpm) 540
Rotational speed of the brush shaft (rpm) 251
Direction of emission
to the right
Operating speed, no more than (km / h) 8
Overall dimensions, LxWxH (mm) 1490х1794х782
Weight (kg) 195