So, you decided to buy a mini tractor. We and our dealers do not have any serious competitors. But be careful! You can face companies that are one-day, trying to quickly sell a batch of Chinese tractors!

5 reasons to buy a mini tractor from us:

  1. We are a manufacturing company, not a reseller!
  2. A lot of attachments. We have the widest range of attachments for mini tractors in Russia. We ourselves make a hitch for minitractors. We guarantee the compatibility of our attachments with our mini tractors. When you buy a mini tractor and attachments from us, we check their joint work. When purchasing equipment without a tractor, we can not guarantee their joint work. Outwardly similar compact tractors of even one (!) Brand can be made at different factories and have different connecting dimensions. The peculiarities of individual models of tractors can be found here.
  3. Guarantee. We provide 1 year warranty for our compact tractors or 2 years on condition of passing technical maintenance in our branded services. Our company on the market is seriously and for a long time (more than 20 years). We will not disappear, leaving you and your tractor without help and good advice.
  4. Maintenance. The tractor, like a car, needs maintenance. We will help, consult and carry out maintenance for our clients. Reliability: Our company is based on hereditary tractor manufacturers. You can read about the company here. We are recommended by our customers (we will send recommendations on request). We have been working for more than 20 years.
  5. Many spare parts. We guarantee spare parts for OUR mini tractors for OUR customers. In rare cases, when spare parts are not available, we will order it for you. So, your tractor will work, but not stand!
    If you bought a mini tractor not with us, we can not guarantee that our spare parts will fit it (see details on the tractor brands here). The tractor is not a telephone, spare parts for minitractors are very different from each other. We adapted mini tractors to Russian conditions, improved and finalized the structural elements. Although you can find compact tractors with a similar or even the same name, rest assured, they are made in another factory. Spare parts can differ significantly. We are glad to any customer looking for spare parts. But, unfortunately, we can not afford to order spare parts for not our tractors. Prices for spare parts for non-customers can also be higher.