Plow-potato rotator

Plow-potato rotator

The plow-potato-rotor plow is developed on the basis of a 3-hull plowshare plow. It is designed in the plowing mode for the basic dump processing of soil with additional crumbling of the soil layer. The plow, equipped with a marker, makes it possible to plant potatoes with a row spacing of 60 cm. When additional wide plates are installed on the second rotor, the potatoes are digged out by spreading the soil of the crest with potatoes to a width of 1.0-1.4 m.

The plow-potato rotor rotor is used for installation on compact tractors with pulling force of 3.5-6 kN (traction class 0.4 … 0.6 ton-force), intended for use in all zones of the country for processing soils that are not clogged with stones, when cultivating tilled , vegetable crops and potatoes. It ensures the processing of soils of different mechanical composition in the fields with stubble stems and other crops of solid sowing, as well as with crushed plant remains of high-growth precursors. The plow provides the required quality of processing with absolute soil moisture up to 24% and soil hardness up to 2.5 MPa.

The main parts of the rotary plow (RP) are the reducer, the plow frame, the hitch frame, two passive (share) and two active (rotor) hulls driven by the belt drive.

When working, the plow-potato-rotor rotor performs two functions simultaneously, namely, during the plow movement at the established depth of plowing passive bodies with truncated dumps cut the seams from the bottom and furrow walls, raise it, start turning and fall on the active rotors located behind the shortened dumps. Descending from the dumps, the strata are subjected to the shock action of the rotor plates, they are crumbled and dropped into the furrow, while the rotor blades raise the lower layers of the formation. The joint action of the strips and rotor blades promotes the mixing of different layers of the arable horizon. Such mixing ensures a uniform distribution in the arable layer of decomposition products of organic substances and mineral fertilizers, as well as a higher activity in the entire arable horizon.

The field plowed with a plow has a flat surface, a loose layer over the entire depth of plowing, a high degree of crumbling and does not require additional tillage before sowing and planting tilled, vegetable crops and potatoes.