How to become a dealer  We produce mini tractors and equipment for them under their Uralets trademark in factories in Russia (Chelyabinsk region, Moscow region) and in China, and we are the exclusive representative of the world’s largest tractors manufacturer, the Mahinadra Corporation – their Jinma tractors. The market of mini tractors in Russia is growing every year, which allows us to double our sales of tractors every year. Sales grew even during the crisis. In the photo – the company’s management with Chinese partners.

Our priorities:

  • Production of mini tractors in Russia using the main Chinese units
  • Providing minitractors with the maximum number of mounted and trailed implements
  • Minimum time for service and delivery of spare parts across Russia
  • Maximum unification of tractors with Russian analogues
  • Optimal ratio of price and quality of tractor
  • Manufacture of attachments to minitractors in Russia
  • Assembly of mini tractors in Russia

We try to transfer retail sales to our dealers, which allows us to improve the quality of customer service and loyalty of dealers. Our goal is to sell mini tractors in Russia through a dealer network. Retail sales of mini tractors is your business and we will help you to start it! It is because of the serious attitude and active help to the beginning dealers that we have established the minimum size of the first batch – 6 tractors + attachments. If there are 1-2 tractors on your base, you give the impression of a frivolous second-hand dealers and as a result the business will not work out. However, in order to reduce risks – we guarantee that we will buy back the rest of the products, if you decide to terminate the business, for any reason!

At the initial stage and in the future you will receive:

  • Your contacts on our website are in the contacts section (about 500 visitors a day);
  • Redirecting customers from your region directly to you;
  • Printed advertising materials (advertising booklets, instructions);
  • Joint participation in exhibitions in your region for YOUR clients;
  • Starter pack of directional advertising in your region;
  • Standard personal website of type: www.tractor69.rf;
  • Assistance in technical matters;
  • Advertising materials: banner 1.5 m. X3 m., Flag, set of souvenirs (charms, models of tractors, caps, mugs, calendars, etc.)
  • Consultations in matters of business organization, economic component, additional services
  • Free training of masters in our factory

You are required to:

  1. Starting capital of about 1 million. rub.;
  2. Availability of technically competent staff;
  3. Departure to the client or telephone consultation in case of warranty cases;
  4. The desire to sell tractors in your area.

Contact us for a discussion of dealer terms.

+7 (963) 088-93-93 – Bykova Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Head of Sales Department

List of dealers of the company